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Better Relationships 5 Day LIVE Challenge (Feb 20th-24th)

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Welcome to my Better Relationships LIVE 5-Day Challenge!

If you are a woman that is:

-Single and desire to be married

-Preferring to be single


-A Mother

-In desperate need of a better life

The Better Relationships 5 Day Challenge is for you!

Are you:

Struggling with issues from the absence or hurt of your mother or father?

Struggling to get past your childhood full of chaos and emotional neglect?

Tired of feeling sad rather than being happy, but acting like everything is ok?

Feeling like you have to be perfect or inauthentic to be loved or liked?

Trust me I have been there!

I have not only had to fight to survive after I nearly died from having my lung removed, but I had to fight even harder to thrive in life after being faced with:

-Heartbreak from parents

-Low self-worth

-Indirect consequences of divorced parents

-The lack of a solid support system

-Co-Parenting issues

-Consequences of bad decisions

-A broken marriage

-Abandonment and rejection

It is crystal clear that I went through all of that for God to equip me for my BIG assignment of freeing YOU!

I exist to share my healing puzzle pieces that God gave me with you..

How you feel about life is directly tied to how you feel about your relationships.

Do you desire a life that brings you love, peace, freedom and fulfillment, but you have no clue about where to start?

No worries, I am here to give you the Blueprint for Better Relationships!

In this 5 Day Challenge (Feb 20th - 24th), you will:

  • Day #1: Identify the Mindset Shift ($250)
  • Day #2: Identify the DNA of Relationships ($250)
  • Day #3: Identify the Relationship Destroyers ($250)
  • Day #4: Identify the Stress Releasers ($250)
  • Day #5: Identify the Power of Self-Care and Reflection ($250)

    In this Challenge, you will go from:

  • Feeling like you are repeating the same mistakes in your relationships TO identifying and unlearning the cycle.
  • Finding it hard to forgive those who hurt you TO identifying the power of forgiveness.
  • Heart broken from the lack of love and validation from a parent TO being healed.
  • Avoiding conflict and disagreements TO getting comfortable with conflict resolution.
  • Being a people pleaser because you want to be liked by everyone TO creating boundaries.
    Date: Feb 20th - Feb 24th (Mon.- Fri.)
    Time: 7:00pm - 8:30pm CST

    I am super excited to give you the tools to have a Better Life by having Better Relationships! I am already proud of you for taking this leap to be a better YOU!
    See you in class!

    Your Wellness Coach,
    Tashell Williams, CWC

*The Bible and other resources will be used for reference.

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It's time for a makeover in your relationships to experience true joy in your life! In this Better Relationships Challenge I will show you what you need to have healthy and balanced relationships so you can have a better life!

5 Coaching Sessions (1 hr each) Workbook Included
5 Q&A Sessions (30 mins each) Access to Private Facebook Group
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Life After Having Better Relationships
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Better Relationships 5 Day LIVE Challenge (Feb 20th-24th)

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